Unleash the Monster

Have You Ever Pondered

“Where can I find Guaranteed Revenue consultants?”

Well… here we are.

Corporate Warriors is where Employees become Warriors

 If You don’t know the difference, You are an employee.  

What You will get is an insanely clear step by step to-do list along with Monster Execution that Guarantee Revenue.

We have handled single person firms to a 1000 plus employee’s organisations with multiple locations and 1000’s of crores in revenue.   

No matter how monstrous your revenue target is; leave it to us and we will make it purr…

Simply put: Unleash the Monster; Maximise Revenue
Corporate Warriors
Our Consulting Services

So, what do You get specifically?

Vision, mission, values
We define/redefine your vision. Define the mission in terms of intervals of revenue. Develop values to achieve.
Organisation culture
We develop it, instil it and drive it to achieve Guaranteed Revenue. It’s the jet fuel in your veins.
Order fulfilment manual
We give You the complete manual of lead generation to satisfied repeat customers.
Structure rational
We develop the organisation chart along with grades, duties and responsibilities, salary matrix and performance matrix.
HR policy manual
From recruiting policy to separation policy. We deliver the entire HR policy needed for employee wellbeing that sustains business success.
Training & development plan and execution
Once the mission is set in motion, we evaluate each employee and get them to speed to perform at optimum levels.
Marketing strategies & digital marketing plan
We will develop your business plan for specific customer segments and generate leads that convert to repeat revenue.
Customer relationship management
The customer is the heart of the organisation, we develop strategies to keep it beating with love and joy.
Vendor management
Vendors peace and their business success defines our business success hence we develop process manual along with SLA to achieve mutual success.
Risk and contingency planning
We develop plan A, plan B and plan C and so on to ensure revenue targets are achieved. No excuses no delays.
Contracts management, claims, dispute and litigation management
Good contracts management is priceless! We got you covered here too.
  Why not throw in the kitchen sink as well
We do whatever it takes to hit the revenue target. If it mean the kitchen sink as well.
Unleash the Monster

Our Consulting Plans

Rs. 5,43,210
Duration: 4 months
  • All deliverable as specified above, but no kitchen sink

  • Guaranteed Revenue
    Unleashing the monster training

  • (Obviously, terms and conditions

Rs. 7,65,321
Duration: 8 months
  • All deliverable as specified above, but no kitchen sink

  • Guaranteed Revenue
    Unleashing the monster training

  • (Obviously, terms and conditions

Rs. 15,55,666
Duration: 13 months
  • All deliverable as specified above, but no kitchen sink

  • Guaranteed Revenue
    Unleashing the monster training

  • (Obviously, terms and conditions
How does Corporate Warriors Guarantee Revenue?

Our War-Tested Guarantee Revenue Process

  1. Develop and imbibe the vision, mission & values.
  2. Develop the battle cry purpose statements of departments.
  3. Identify all issues that prohibit achievement of mission & revenue.
  4. Divide those issues into Strategy, System, Structure, Intellectual and Human process.
  5. Then workout rollout plans for each and assign responsibility along with delivery dates.
  6. Unleash the Monster
  7. Build the Warrior culture.

No fluff or high-level advice.

Just perfect actionable advice that delivers Guaranteed Revenue.

Wondering what Unleash the Monster training is?

Not telling you…
frequently asked questions

Lets clear the brain fog

Most consulting organisations provide just knowledge and skill training workshops and are then gone.

We implement attitudes & habits by being with You and walking with You and we create a camaraderie within the organisation with strong bonds which will last a lifetime.

And nobody does that.

Once the actual revenue target is fixed, we work backwards to check if all the math matches with the strength of the sales team.

Then we look at the past data of the sales team and fix the average revenue per month taking into account the marketing effort as well.

Then we arrive at what percentage the team must improve to achieve the revenue target in the specified time period.

Then we Unleash the Monster.

Based on what consulting service You have taken (Bronze 4m, Silver 8m, Gold 13m)

Guaranteed revenue.

Mentally and physically healthier employees.

An amazing feeling when You come to work. You can’t put a price on that.

Talk to us.

Meet us.

Visit our office.

Let your employees connect with us.

And by the end of our first workshop… we will be family.

Yes. Always.

We will sign quite a few contracts, and one of them will be the non-disclosure and non-compete.



Yes; but at an additional investment.

We could.

Yes, if You are stupid.

No, if You follow our instructions.

You seriously clicked on this!

The answer is Noooooooooo…..

Employees with medical issues will be trained specially by the expert trainers ONLY

Not with what we will be doing.

And in any case, we also offer Claims, dispute and litigation management services.


Our two Founders, Avi & Nitesh have with them a combined experience of over 45 years in training.

They both are entrepreneurs themselves and have come together to start Corporate Warriors.

Both of them are deep, but Avi is deeper… (he wrote the content)

Their LinkedIn profiles are linked at the bottom of the page.

Combined we have consulted for over 75 organisations.


Once your employee leaves, we won’t train him or her.


Plenty. Name it, we have it.

You know this is Corporate Warriors right?

The concept is simple: only a strong mind in a strong body can effectively defend and attack in any self-defence situation. Be it woman or man.

Here’s How: we train you to become strong, fast, flexible and LETHAL.

You Will Become FIGHTING FIT! no less.

Wow!!! You clicked on this!

What do you want to hear?

Well, women can train completely within their comfort zones.

There will be special group classes only for women conducted by the expert trainer ONLY.

Let us know if you need more.

Yes, by a professional dietitian.

Training will be conducted mostly during break times and at scheduled times.

Production loss will be minimal and remember we Guarantee Revenue.

In the workshop model one trainer is enough.

Physical training 1 to 15 per trainer and we have multiple trainers.

Just Your time.

Just talk to us.

We take care of the rest.

Hmmm… We are actually charging You a pretty decent price.

The individual price for each product is available in the draft contract annexure click here to read it, it will give you a good understanding.

Here is a suggestion: get a quote for each of our products individually from other vendors and ensure that your revenue targets are met as well and then, have a look at our consulting plans.

Here is another suggestion: just add your investment to your revenue target and your problem is solved.

Cause we guarantee revenue.


PS: We are REALLY good at what we do.

We could work that out.

During trial period, billing will be charged by the hour.

Most definitely.

If You don’t like what we do, we would not disturb You any further.

And refund policy will be part of the contract we sign when we start.


But, retainer.


Discount on our billing is directly proportional to a discount on your revenue.

Love and fresh air.

I knew You were going to click on this.

Workshops, training sessions and mentoring.

Literally everything needed to achieve revenue target.

Trainings can be adjusted to the space available without impacting revenue targets being achieved.

We will run refresher workshops and share any new knowledge that we have learned.

For all your questions please feel free to call me, I am Avi and my number is 9036050199, call me any time.

Doesn’t mean I will pick up; but I will surely call You back as soon as possible.

And when I do call You and if you ask me any question that I have painstakingly collated and answered above, I am doubling your fee.

Our Vision

Corporate Warriors

"Increase human productivity and organisation revenue"
• Work is worship.

• Strive for more responsibility.

• Work 24 hours a day.

• It’s okay. Keep going.

Unleash the MonsterAbout Corporate Warriors

Corporate Warriors was founded by Avi and Nitesh in the year 2023

This is how the story goes:

Long long ago… there was a beautiful life before covid in the year 2016 and in the month of January.

Avi wanted to learn Muay Thai and he researched a few places over the phone and in that same process he connected with Nitesh who is a professional multiple martial arts trainer running his own training centre.

They both connected and from the word go they became good friends.

They discovered that they both had interesting and immense experiences in life and their bottom line values and their understanding about life was identical.

Nitesh trained Avi in the art form of Muay Boran and Avi who is an avid writer, documented everything and worked on developing the business plan for Corporate Warriors.

Avi runs his own consulting firm where they convert ideas to revenue.

They both started to implement their model on personal training and mentor sessions for corporate executives and others.

And then let’s say, life happened and then covid and everything came to a standstill.

Nitesh and Avi both stayed in touch on and off and continued to mentor each other.

And then in year 2022 in the month of August… Drum roll….

They reconnected and decided to go full steam ahead and they gave birth to Corporate Warriors.    

The holy pantheon where You Unleash the Monster with in and they teach You how to tame and draw strength from it and Maximise LIFE.

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